My Art-O-Biography?

Saturday, December 10, 2016


One of the tests I used to use in the ad game to tell if an idea I just had was any good was if others quickly came up with ways to extend - if it had "legs". Well, by that criterion, my "Some Of My Best Friends Are Colored" concept has limbs like Usain Bolt.

I'm working like crazy to get the coloring book ready for early next year.

I've already told you about the Chicago foundations/sponsors considering helping get my SOMBFAC Pop-Up Studio/Gallery off the drawing pad. Then Sharon Harper, the local radio/tv hostess, suggested maybe I should do a TV show with Tommy, the young EurAm comedian in the photo with moi at Emerald City, Uptown I put on my Facebook page about a week ago.

Now I'm getting thoughts of an ongoing podcast, a reality Tv/radio show - maybe even a feature film. All would work toward the original goal of creating a new "Whole Human Race" culture that finally proves that the current idea that human species can be divided into black or white is not only wrong, but potentially devastating to humankind. Please stay tuned.

Saturday, December 3, 2016


I forgot to actually add a new post for the image of the "Some Of My Best Friends Are Colored" Pop-Up Gallery/Studio I put up yesterday. It's actually just my first quicky PhotoShop sketch of what it might look like. I'm talking to a few funders/sponsors right now about the details of where the first one would...er...ummm..."pop-up". All I know at this point is that it will probably be here in Chicago. I'm lobbying for somewhere in the Loop. But we'll see. Please stay tuned.