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Monday, February 25, 2019

How to be the first kid on your block with your very own signed "Some Of My Best Friends Are Colored" human coloring kit:

The SOMBFAC Human Coloring Kit includes:
A. One 11" X 14" Page One Coloring sheet.
B. One box of human skin-colored crayons
C. One box of basic color crayons
D. Eight letter size portrait coloring sheets
E. One SOMBFAC Mission Statement

As an incentive to order soon, I'm personally signing my half of the  Page One SOMBFAC Coloring Page on the first 100 orders. The person who colors it signs the other half, takes a shot of the finished piece and emails it to moi at: lowellt@hotmail.com. It's then a candidate for my "Some of My Best Friends Are Colored" blog. It's also eligible to be in my ongoing SOMBFAC Never Ending Art Show.

Just send a check for $20 + $5 shipping & handling to: Lowell Thompson, P.O. Box 408343, Chicago IL, 60640-8343. Or send it to me via PayPal: lowellt@hotmail.com.
Be sure to include your mailing and emailing address.

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